Our Mission

The mission of Craigs Baptist Church is to:

“Intimately Know Christ, Continually Grow in Christ and to Passionately Go as Christ in our Community”

The concept is that as we come to know Jesus, we will grow to be more like Him in our actions.  Like Him, we will go out and touch the lives of people around us.

At Craigs Baptist Church…

…as we passionately go into our community. This will involve acts of selfless service, but it will also involve telling people the good news that Jesus offers relationship, life and forgiveness to all of us. It is only as we know Him, we can fully live life. He give us the reason to live.

You see, the Bible says we have all done wrong and fall short of God’s standard for us.  Because we have fallen short, we are not able to live in close relationship with a perfect God. Even worse, there is another place that says the penalty for that wrong is death. However, even before we recognized the problems in our relationship with God, He willingly gave His innocent, perfect son, Jesus to take our death penalty! And because Jesus lived a perfect life, and therefore had no penalty to pay Himself, He is the only one able to pay the penalty for someone else.

All God wants from us is to see how wonderful Jesus is. He expects us to give up our own plans and receive the forgiveness His son offers. He wants us to value His son so highly that we will turn around, stop running from Him….stop rejecting relationship with God and choose to run to Him instead. In the end, He is the answer to our problems.  He is the source and meaning of our life.  Why would we want to run anywhere else?!

If this is a new concept to you, we would love to talk to you about it!  Please call the church office or email us at churchoffice@craigschurch.org or come meet us in person!  We would love to talk to you about receiving the forgiveness Jesus has to offer.  It is – after all – our mission in life!

Because we love Jesus, and recognize how wonderful it is to be in relationship with Him, we tell others.